Studlerhof is impressed by a typical, Tyrolean farm tradition, as it has always been practiced and where you can witness traditional animal breeding and enjoy self-made products.

A multiplicity of animals who you can touch.
In the stable the cows are mooing, the horses are neighing, the goats are bleating and the chickens are cackling. Not to forget the meowing cats, they want to be caressed and the rabbits which you can find behind the house.

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Our two ponies are very happy to help you to learn how to ride a horse. Hannelore will take a walk with you.
Sunny: patient and well-tempered, instils everybody his first ride knowledge
Jump: cute Minishetlandpony, small but powerful

Youth farmer Hannes attains great success with our cows by national and international cow-exhibitions. That’s why a “Miss Tyrol” is standing in our stable. The cattle-breeding has been an important part of our agriculture for generations.

Around our farm you can find our cat Hanni, but she isn’t very tame.

Also our three goats "Punkti, Pauli and Flocki" love to have a walk with our guests together.

The five rabbits like to play trapping and they always make mess in their stable, they are looking forward to be caressed.

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